4th Annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza!

Celebrate America’s Birthday with CasterQuest’s annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza!

Rated M for explicit content.

1. Hermione and Ginny Vs the Space Wizards: https://questionablecontent.net/spacewizards.html

2. Jurassic Love by Thunderbuttsansa @ fanfiction.net

3. Pleasure Cruz: A Ted Cruz Fanfiction
Ted Cruz loves Big Bird.
Pleasure Cruz: A Ted Cruz Fanfiction

4. Roadkill A Harry Potter fan fiction: Harry Potter defeats Voldemort in an unexpected way.
(Read with Liz of Nerdy Bitches Podcast)

5. Garfields royal rescue: Garfield the cat saves Kate Middleton from Prince William before the Royal Wedding.