“The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 18-21: Boys Night & Basha

Episode 70 of CasterQuest recaps chapter 18-21 in our “The Wise Man’s Fear” book club, from the second novel of Patrick Rothfuss’ bestselling fantasy series- The Kingkiller Chronicle.

In this episode, sulky Kvothe gets dragged out of the library by his friends for a boys night. Denna unexpectedly appears with some pressing questions about belief in magic. We get confirmation about the sexy social lives of Deoch and Stanchion- Basha!

Denna gives Kvothe a crash course in hooks, rooks, and scams. When Kvothe learns that Ambrose has taken possession of Denna’s ring, he enlists the help of Wil and Sim to break into the lordling’s room in an attempt to return her jewelry, but the plan goes awry and Kvothe has to practice falling off of a roof again!

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