“The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 33-36: The Heist

In episode 81 of CasterQuest we recap chapters 33-36 of “The Wise Man’s Fear” covering chapters 33-36.
In this episode- It’s the heist we’ve all been all been waiting for, as Kvothe and friends manage to destroy the mommet being held in Ambrose’s rooms at the Golden Pony.

Kvothe is reunited with an old acquaintance from his adventures in Trebon, who has some valuable information about the Chandrian.

Denna is mysteriously absent after Kvothe misses a date, and cannot be found upon further searching…but he does manage to obtain a very important item for her.

Kvothe, Wil, and Sim, celebrate afterwards with barhopping at the Eoilian and other establishments around Imre, and Kvothe is about to tell a story.

We also recount the latest KKC fandom news: Patrick Rothfuss’ headlining AMA-Con in Amarillo Texas this past weekend, the Kingkiller Character Survivor Series held on Reddit, new book covers, and TV rumors.

Lots of Fan-mail Q&A this episode- keep it up guys, we love it!

Stay tuned until the end for an awesome new Parody theme song courtesy of Xavier!

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Japanese Covers for the Name of the Wind: . https://blog.patrickrothfuss.com/2017/08/returning-from-ame-of-the-wind/

Name of the Wind 10th Anniversary edition: . http://bookriot.com/2017/06/23/cover-reveal-10th-anniversary-edition-name-wind-patrick-rothfuss/

KKC Movie News Update: http://deadline.com/2016/12/john-rogers-lionsgate-the-kingkiller-chronicle-showrunner-1201869604/

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