ComicpaloozaX- Kingkiller Chronicle Panel and Indie Authors

Included in this episode is our Kingkiller Chronicle Discussion Panel hosted at Comicpalooza 2018.
Please be aware the panel contains **SPOILERS** for all Kingkiller Chronicle published works.

KKC Panel- 00:01:17- 00:56:10

Looking for some summer-time reading? Why not check out some wonderful indie authors! Comicpalooza Author Interviews:

1. Jacqueline E. Smith (00:57:35-1:00:50)
Author of the “Cemetery Tours” series, the “Boy Band” Series and “Trashy Romance Novel”.

2. Tony Acree (1:00:52- 1:02:15)
Author of the “Victor McCain” Thrillers- soon to be adapted into a Major Motion Picture!

3. Miracle Austin (1:02:16- 1:05:05)
Author of the “Doll” series and “Boundless”

4. Wren Michaels (1:05:10- 1:08:25)
“I don’t write damsels in distress. I write damsels that cause distress.”
Author of “Vexed”/ “Eluding Illusions” / “Friend Zoned” and other Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy, and Paranomal Romances.

5. D C Gomez (1:08:26 – 1:10:35)
Author of the YA “Intern Diaries” series and childrens’ book “Charlie, What is Your Talent?”

6. Channing Whitaker (1:10:40-1:13:30)
Author of “Until the Sun Rises” / “The Remnant” / “Existence Augmented”

7. Tom Vorbeck and Carolyn Schield (1:13:40 – 1:23:35)
This sweet and unique Brother/Sister writing team co-authored the “Keys of Life” series, described as a mix between the Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones.

8. G.M. Kelso
Author of “Alonice: Rise of the Dragon Heirs”

Enjoy a post show clip from our Hamilton Panel where a little boy absolutely KILLS IT as Hercules Mulligan!

Music Credits: “Crunk Knight” by Kevin MacCleod