“The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 77-79: The Dog Says Chek Chek Chek

Episode 98 of CasterQuest is “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club, covering chapters 77-79, continuing our coverage of the second book in Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling fantasy series- The Kingkiller Chronicle.

In this episode Kvothe and the mercenaries have one last night at an inn before heading out in to the Eld to search for the bandits. Kvothe can’t even with girls. Dedan can’t even keep his mouth shut.
Mandy struggles with accents, Dedan struggles with his his temper and Kvothe struggles with not freaking out his teammates with his sympathy.

We learn more about Tempi, see a fun slap fight, and gear up to search the forest for the robbers. We also wonder what the heck dogs sound like in Ademre, plus much more!

Stick around to the end to learn about the new give-a-ways we are launching next week!

(There’s a bit of weird audio at the end on Xavier’s track, sorry about that, we are working on fixing it.)

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Opening track: “The University” from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” by composer Mark Haas. Available on itunes or at markhaasmusic.com

Closing track: “Maple, Maypole” by Anna Bosnick (aka Anna Phyllis Smith) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M8g7JFYabg