Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker

Holy Bat-casts, Questers! Two episodes back-to-back?
We’ve got another amazing crossover episode- Pop Caster Rewind is continuing it’s Batman Animated Films reviews with 2000’s Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Set in the future in Neo-Gotham city- Bruce Wayne has since passed down the legacy of the caped crusader to high-schooler Terry McGinnis. The Jokerz gang has switched from petty crimes to swiping expensive scientific equipment under the direction of Bruce Waynes greatest nemisis…the Joker.

But how can the Joker have returned when Bruce and Barbara Gordon witnessed the clown prince of crimes demise years ago- after a tragic and brutal attack on a young Tim Drake?

Follow along as Bruce struggles with the resurfacing of his most dangerous enemy- while Terry fights to remain the new Batman and unravel the mystery of the Return of the Joker.

Future installments in our Batman Animated Films Reviews will include: The Dark Knight Returns series, Under The Red Hood, Batman: Gotham Knight, Batman and Son series, and Assault on Arkham.

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