The Name Of The Wind Ch84-Epilogue: The End

Welcome back Questers to Episode 36 of CasterQuest… it is our Name of the Wind Book Club Finale recapping chapters 84-Epilogue. Mandy and Erin reunite to close up shop!

In this episode- Kvothe breaks wind so hard that it snaps Ambrose like a twig, then he finally makes it back into the library. A zombie demon attacks the patrons of the Waystone inn, and we close things up with a sexy nighttime visit between Bast and Chronicler.

We also talk about our Summer season programming schedule, Upcoming Houston area events you can find us at, and our weekend at Traders Village Comiccon.

We would like to thank our fans for following along with the book club, we hope you enjoyed it, and we will return to Book 2 of The Kingkiller Chronicles Series in the Fall. Stay tuned for Game of Thrones recaps. Also another huge thank you to Composer Mark Haas, ( for giving us permission to use his tracks from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” in our book club.

Last but never least, this episode is dedicated to Captain Liam Helmes, of the Pirates Cove at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Forever in our hearts, and in Fiddler’s Green. After the episode is a short dedication to the Man, the Pirate, the Legend. Miss you, Captain.