“The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 41-46: Innovation, Reconciliation & Consortation

In this episode, Kvothe discovers there may be a secret connection to the Amyr and an infamous historical figure. We get very upset at the glaring lack of a post office. Kvothe has to eat some crow and reconcile with his galet, and later he presents his big artificing project to Master Kilvin. Fela is the one student who is actually making progress in Elodin’s class. We don our tinfoil hats and toss out some crazy theories. Just when it seems like everything is going right, Kvothe unexpectedly has to defend himself against the Iron Law!

As always, we are incredible thankful to the talented musicians who have granted us the use of their music.

Opening track: “The University” from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” by composer Mark Haas. Available on itunes or at markhaasmusic.com

Closing track: “Maple, Maypole” by Anna Bosnick (aka Anna Phyllis Smith) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M8g7JFYabg