“The Lightning Tree” Book Club Part 1

In episode 60 of CasterQuest, we go back to Temerant, back to Newarre, back to the Waystone Inn, and back to Kvothe and Bast! Enjoy our three-part book club series recapping “The Lightning Tree”, a Patrick Rothfuss short story featured in the 2014 short story “Rogues” anthology.

In part one of “The Lightning Tree” we follow Bast as he performs favors for the children of the town of Newarre, seduces young farm girls, doles out advice on revenge, teases secrets of the Fae, and takes a burlesque worthy bath- all before lunch time.

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Musical Credits:
“Talent Pipes” from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” by Mark Haas. markhaasmusic.com

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