The Archives: James Jakins Author of “Jack Bloodfist: Fixer”

In ‘The Archives’ Mandy hosts a series of interviews with independently published fantasy authors in honor of Nanowrimo and in exchange for donations to Worldbuilders Charity.

In this episode of the Archives Mandy interviews James Jakins, author of urban fantasy novel “Jack Bloodfist: Fixer” and “Knights of the Dead God”.

James weaves in his love for DM’ing table top RPG’s into his stories, as Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves and Drow try to live under cover in Virginia while a Paladin comes looking for vengeance.

Visit for more information about the author and where to find his work.

Music Credits: “The Chronicler” from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” used with permission by composer Mark Haas.

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