“The Last Unicorn” Ch 1-2: Who gave the Unicorn anxiety??

Welcome to the first episode of our Summer mini-book club, recapping Peter S. Beagle’s classic- The Last Unicorn chapters 1-2. Admittedly- this was supposed to be a three episode run. But it’s starting to look like it’s probably going to be more like 6-8 episodes soooo, enjoy.

We introduce the story, which is a favorite of both Erin and Patrick Rothfuss. We discuss some of the controversy behind the book rights, meeting Peter S. Beagle in person, and then we kick off the recap where we join the Unicorn on her journey out of her secluded forest to find if she truly is the Last Unicorn.  


About Peter S. Beagle and Fraud and Abuse Allegations again Conner Cochran and Conlan Press: http://fansagainstfraud.com/peter-beagles-money/  

Two Hearts By Peter S. Beagle: http://www.peterbeagle.com/works/shorts/two_hearts.htm   Links:

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