“The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Ch 102-103: Circling the Moon

The Wise Man’s Fear Book Club Episode 122 covering Chapters 102-103, in our ongoing read of the Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss.


In this episode… 

♪ When the moon hits your eye in the weird faen sky that’s amore,

When the beams seem to shine and you turn them to twine that’s grammorie,

In the glade, girlfriend weaves a shaed, sexy games are played, you’re afraid that your drowning,

And we’ll rhyme, in a metric line, during the whole time, and its prime syllable counting! ♪

This is a juicy episode chock full of interesting historical facts, iambic pentameter, astronomical terms, deep mystery and magic, and a moist brush with danger.

What do you call the dark side of the moon? Which stone doors are the REAL doors of stone? What would the Faen Zodiac signs even look like?

The KKC subreddit hits us with the really important questions, and we discuss the latest news on the Kingkiller Television series.

All this and so much more.

Next book club covers chapter 104: The Cthae!



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